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Ningbo Shiying Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd., based in Ningbo, China, specializes in manufacturing and designing a wide range of rotomolded plastic products. Our product line includes coolers, tool boxes, pallets, trays, containers, flight cases, power boxes, kayaks, and various OEM/ODM products. With over 8 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted supplier.
Our company operates on a 10,000 square meter site with a team of over 100 skilled employees. Equipped with seven advanced rock and roll molding machines,each capable of accommodating up to 70 sets of molds, we produce 400,000PCS coolers annually, valued at USD 23 million.
Our products enjoy widespread acclaim domestically and internationally. We export to countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa. Our commitment to quality and exceptional service has earned the trust and appreciation of customers worldwide.

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